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When we decided to do a series of books on success, we searched long and hard to find just the right combination of authors who were not only a success in business but were successful in their personal life as well. The authors we found had personal stories to tell that revealed their inner values—values that contributed to the achievements they have made and the positive influence they have on others.

These authors are people whom others revere as persons of integrity. They are winners. Everyone wants to be a winner. I have never met anyone who wants to be a loser. And I’m sure you haven’t either. That’s why we found some of the best motivational/inspirational speakers and authors in the country to contribute to this series. Some of these men and women are household names. Others are rising stars.

All of them have achieved the kind of success all of us want—the kind that sparks enthusiasm in others and leaves an indelible, positive impression. The road to success is one of hard work and persistence. Speaking of Success can help you unlock your potential and inspire you to realize the many possibilities awaiting you as you learn how to remove any mental blocks you might have to the success you deserve.

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A lot of agents don’t want to learn scripts for fear of sounding “canned”, remember you already using your own “canned” scripts, but they may not be that great.

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